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This experience is excellent for the classroom & general audiences alike.”

This interactive website is a tool increasing U. S. History content knowledge. Some leaders in the fields of history warn of a shortfall of people’s knowledge of U. S. History and predict that this lack of knowledge can shorten this country’s longevity. This website works to reduce any such ‘shortfall’ and to entertain. It features a series of over 60 mini-documentaries that are hosted by 21 of the Northwest’s most prominent historians. Each documentary is followed by a question about U. S. History. Thus, you may test the insight gained. Join in this experience to enhance knowledge of U. S. History.

Teaching American History Grants are designed to:

Increase teacher content knowledge in U.S. History

Increase student achievement in U.S. History

The Thorp School District and Central Washington University entered a collaborative partnership with 18 Central Washington school districts, seven universities, four museums, four libraries and a historical society for the purpose of enlisting U. S. History content and expertise. This website represents Volume II of the “Moments in American History” series. Volume I won a Regional Emmy Award and is available on the DVD. Whether your favorite time period of U. S. History is 1750–1865, 1865–1945, or 1945–Present, you will find a variety of mini-documentaries that entertain and inform.

Time Periods

Events Affecting
Growth of Territories
and States


Growth to
World Power


Interactions Within
Our Borders &
Throughout the World